RGA Services

Build stronger relationships faster with Rene Global Associates as your partner. We take on the global marketplace with confidence by shortening your profitability timeline, maximizing returns on investments, and sharing our local market knowledge with your business.

Networking & Communications

  • Rapid access to critical decision makers
  • Promoting efficiency
  • Utilizing historical expertise and connections

Customize Your Research Options

  • Specific Regions: UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, SE Asia, etc.
  • Companies: Radio, digital audio, tech platforms & apps, advertisers, etc.
  • Individuals: Background, reputations, resources, etc.

International Business Planning

  • Developed plans based on resources, budgets and available personnel
  • Mindful of budgets and timelines
  • Ensuring long–term success

Short-Term Feasibility Studies

  • 3-6 month engagements including:
  • Discovering product/service revenue potential
  • Optional modifications and customizations guidance to influence success

Strategic Planning & Consultation

  • Focus on priorities, timing and profitability
  • Providing global tools and guidance
  • Creating ongoing profitability and long-term success

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