Premiere Radio Networks

Working with Richard was like drinking from the firehose of knowledge. In 2000, Richard Rene was retained to help me learn everything about international radio syndication while introducing me to key players around the world. Richard’s passion, knowledge and a genuine desire to find new business models and efficiencies made our time together highly creative, productive and profitable. We continue to share ideas and visualize where global media and technology is today and where it will be in the future. Richard is the perfect blend of knowledge, passion and intuition.
Tanya Douglas-Juhasz, VP of International Development, Premiere Radio Networks
Rich, thanks for making us look good around the world.
Kraig T. Kitchin, Founder & former President and COO, Premiere Radio Networks

Involve Solutions

Richard was critical in developing our US business. In fact, without him, it wouldn't have existed at all. He took an intangible idea from an international market and turned it into tangible outcomes. He generated real income streams, real profit and most importantly, ‘happy clients’. Rich is the original triple threat - smart, competitive and extremely experienced. He's trustworthy, accountable and responsible. Rich brings technical expertise and industry knowledge whilst understanding the aspirations and challenges of each client. Someone who delivers on promises.
Chris Vella Founding CTO/ Current CEO Involve Solutions

Westwood One Inc.

I’ve known Richard for 30 years and he knows his way around the world of international radio
Norman J. Pattiz, Founder and former Chairman and CEO of Westwood One Inc.

TM Century, Inc.

Richard’s influence has helped TM Century experience dramatic growth in overseas markets, both in terms of new partnerships and profits. His understanding of the global media community is unmatched. When it comes to finding an international consultant whose deeds match (or exceed) their words, Richard Rene is the man. I would, without reservation, recommend Richard to any company seeking to grow its international business.
David Graupner, former President/CEO, TM Century, Inc.


Mr. René assisted in local market analysis in several potential markets including USA, Asia and Europe. His succinct analysis of these markets, and his ability to formulate clear and concise strategies for approaching them, has been of both immediate and long-term benefit to the company. However, the most important aspect of the consultancy lay with Mr. René’s ability to arrange high level quality meetings in the above markets at the most senior level. His knowledge of the markets and close association with management personnel in a number of major radio entities has been excellent.
Reg Lambert, Managing Director, StudioPulse

ARIA-Radio Inc.

Richard’s knowledge of the US radio market is exceptional and his reputation excellent. He was invaluable in guiding us towards potential partner matches with the highest probability of success and in briefing us comprehensively during our preparation work. He was our first point of contact whenever we needed someone with his finger on the pulse of the industry.
Matt Hackett, CEO, ARIA-Radio Inc.


Richard was key in creating international demand for the Commotion platform. If it wasn’t for Richard, the platform would not have the foot print it has today. Richard’s natural ability to communicate many of the complex ideas and concepts the commotion platform was offered in a clear and simple way. This allowed many of our clients to quickly see a new level of interaction with their listeners they had never considered before. Working with Richard has always been an amazing experience. He is smart, hard-working and the most connected person I know in the media industry. Richard has ALWAYS delivered on what he promised.
Ryan Burgoyne former CEO Commotion / current CEO Rumple