Involve Solutions

April 22, 2019

Australian-based marketing technology company featuring “cross-medium database solutions” suitable for use by a wide spectrum of clients from media and advertising, to FMCG, Financial institutions (banks and credit card companies), to retail clients, restaurants, entertainment guides, advertising agencies, and marketing companies.   SMS-Text Messaging applications served as a lynchpin for building consumer/audience data around mobile numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, and social media-ID’s, profiled against historical engagement by-medium and cross-indexed to demographic information for targeting segmented groups and/or individuals.

Involve’s challenge was to gain successful and profitable start-up activity in the US, by leveraging the various successes in the home market of Australia

RGA developed a wide spectrum of U.S. Beta-clients, including: The U.S, Navy,religious ministries, advertising, marketing and interactive agencies, nationally syndicated radio programs, and independent local restaurants.  

Eventful success focused on radio media companies looking to take initial steps into digital direct marketing to their listening audiences.  Clients included:  Radio One, Cox Radio, SBS, Entercom, ESPN Deportes, Salem, United Stations Radio Networks, and others.  Additionally, Involve created a “LAST SONG PLAYED” application across the entire U.S. radio industry, allowing listeners to “text in” to find the name of the artist and song “last played” on over 3000 radio stations nationwide.

Involve ultimately created a low-cost, highly automated solution for smaller SMB clients, allowing credit card payment, for SMB cross-medium database media campaigns.   

Revenues went from zero to $500,000 in the first 3 years. with a U.S. staff of two (2).

Richard was critical in developing our US business. In fact, without him, it wouldn't have existed at all. He took an intangible idea from an international market and turned it into tangible outcomes. He generated real income streams, real profit and most importantly, ‘happy clients’. Rich is the original triple threat - smart, competitive and extremely experienced. He's trustworthy, accountable and responsible. Rich brings technical expertise and industry knowledge whilst understanding the aspirations and challenges of each client. Someone who delivers on promises.
Chris Vella Founding CTO/ Current CEO Involve Solutions

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